In most cases refilled ink cartridges work just as well as new ones, in print quality, and color tone. We suggest you try one, they are fully guaranteed, and we supply you with local support from our store! No talking with someone from another country! We値l even give you simple printed instructions, complete with illustrations.

Cartridge refill Product Summary

Save money by refilling!

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Ink Refilling service

Ink refilling is currently being done on a very limited basis, as I try to work out the best way to get and return cartridges to their owners!



Refilling is a great alternative to buying new cartridges! We take great pride in the quality of our refills!

Here is how it all works, when your cartridges run out, bring them to our store, or if you live outside the grand valley, just mail them in to us in a box, or padded envelope. If you wish to stay and wait on your order your welcome to do so!

We値l fill your cartridges, then test them thoroughly. Once your cartridge has passed our test , we値l package it up for you to take home!

If your cartridge fails the test, you owe nothing! The only time we値l charge you, is when your cartridge has passed our testing process.


There is more to our guarantee though.

Once you have your cartridge at home and in your printer, we値l still give you technical support. Even though we try our hardest to supply you with all the information you need to make your cartridge work, even if it has been several months since your cartridge has been filled! Sometimes it just works out, that a little more help is needed, and that痴 ok! We値l give you all the help you need ! Just give us a call and we値l get things taken care of!

If for some reason the cartridges won稚 work, just bring them back in to us, let us recheck them. If they aren't up to par, we値l give you a full refund. We don't want our clients to be hassled. Hey things happen, and we understand that. Don稚 be afraid to let us know about any issues!



PC Computer Service



We池e A+ Certified! With 15 years of computer experience, and ten years of computer troubleshooting and instruction.

The same kinds of policies are applied to our computer work, as our ink refills. Give us a call, or bring in your system to get a free estimate!

We can handle just about anything you need to have done to your PC. Virus removal, configurations, upgrade, and repairs, and regular tune-ups. Repairs to Windows 7, Windows 8, as well as Windows 10! We also work on Linux computers, And can carry out cleaning and configurations of your Windows and android Tablets!

Let us know we can fill you in on the details.

Unlike a lot of places, we work on a flat quoted price, not by the hour. No more huge bills for your repairs! No more extended repair times! And best yet, your welcome to watch as we do our work! Where else will you get that kind of service?? Repairs begin for as little as $65.00! And top out at $85.00. Unless parts are involved. Unlike most repair shops, you are welcome to supply your own parts, and just pay for us to install them and configure the system!

So, relax. Be safe in the knowledge that your saving money, and utilizing your product to its fullest life span! While still getting above average service, and as an extra benefit, you wont be placing as equipment in the landfill!




For all of our services, quality, and integrity is our ultimate goal. We are not afraid of making a smaller profit to achieve this goal. We want you, our clients, to be assured that we have gone out of our way to supply you with service that outshines any business you have ever dealt with.




Romans 12:11 Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;

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